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Optometrist in Las Cruces

Las Cruces eye care
Las Cruces eye care

Glaucoma in its later stages can cause a variety of complications and significant vision loss, but unfortunately there are no symptoms in the early stages that would give you sufficient notice that you should get treated. We at Your Eyecare & Contact Lens/Johnson Las Cruces eye care provide glaucoma screenings, which are recommended yearly, so that any indications of glaucoma will be detected before you suffer its worst consequences.

Glaucoma is an imbalance that is created when your eyes create more fluid than they are able to drain. That fluid builds up, and it puts pressure on your eyes. As that pressure increases, it can strain the blood vessels of your eyes and may result in blood leakage. Among the symptoms that are associated with it are painful or red eyes, tunnel vision, halos appearing around light, any loss of vision, and even nausea and vomiting in conjunction with any of the other listed signs. If you notice one or more of them, contact our Las Cruces eye care. Our glaucoma screenings center around a test called tonometry. It measures the level of internal eye pressure, and therefore is key in diagnosing the disease. Others include a field vision test that gauges your peripheral vision, which is how well you see side to side. A visual acuity test will also be done by our Las Cruces eye care. Other testing may also be done if required to reach a definitive conclusion. Fortunately, there are excellent treatment options designed to restore efficiency to your eyes’ fluid drainage. Eye drops, laser treatments, and microsurgery are all possibilities depending on your individual circumstances. And if you do sustain blood vessel damage, that can also be addressed surgically.

We highly recommend that you book an appointment to come in so that our Las Cruces eye care can do an annual glaucoma screening for you. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are free of this disease or that it has been identified early enough to stave off severe effects is well worth the minimal effort.

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