Kids eye doctor in Las Cruces NM

Kids Eye Doctor in Las Cruces NM

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Common pediatric vision problems in Las Cruces NM

Kids eye doctor in Las Cruces NM
Kids eye doctor in Las Cruces NM

Don’t let common pediatric vision problems cripple your child’s viewing experience. Put them in the driver’s seat of life by taking charge of the situation. Head over to Your Eyecare & Contact Lens/Johnson. See our kids eye doctor in Las Cruces NM so your kid can be well on the way to improved quality of life.

Like any health issue, you don’t want to call a bluff by going all in. That is…take it seriously—every time. A proactive approach involving regular checkups goes a long way toward extending your body’s longevity. And the eyes are no exception to this rule. Pediatric vision problems are incredibly common and are best treated early before they worsen, causing long-term damage. Amblyopia (or lazy eye) is among the most common of those ailments. Some of the symptoms of this condition include: an inward or outward wandering eye, poor depth perception, eyes that appear not to work together, head tilting, squiting or shutting an eye. With all that said, lazy is not always so evident and getting an eye exam is the best way of making that determination. What causes amblyopia? An odd visual experience can sometimes crosswire the nerve pathways between the retina and the brain. Oftentimes, the weaker eye receives fewer visual signals. Some other common pediatric vision problems include: strabismus, nearsightedness, and congenital cataracts. For a proper diagnosis and treatment, don’t hesitate to visit Eyecare & Contact Lens/Johnson. Visit our highly-coveted kids eye doctor in Las Cruces NM.

Waste no more time in seeking treatment for your child. Get them in tip-top visual condition by scheduling an appointment with us at Eyecare & Contact Lens/Johnson. Our amazing staff will get you all setup and on the way to visiting our kids eye doctor in Las Cruces NM.

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